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Do you know what options you have to alter your living/working space for an improvement? Read our blog posts or check our sample projects below!


If you have any question before deciding what you want to do use the chat icon on the bottom right corner or ask it on our forum. We'll answer them right away!


If you have done your homework and ready to start, get a quote for the design!


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sample projects



Designing a new house. A state of art nestle in the heart of Keswick community by the Lake Simcoe. You cannot miss this beautiful house, check out the project page!


38 Kerfoot



Adding a new canopy to transform an open porch to a cozy patio space in front of the house.


Enhancement of utility space by adding a large garage and a workshop on top of it. 

Check the project page for details.


210 Bayview in Keswick is a house addition and remodelling project. An extension has added to the existing house and the whole interior was redesigned and rebuilt. View the project page for more images.


Located in Don Mills Plaza in Toronto this optic store needed some utility space addition along with interior design

Please see the project page for more pictures along with drawings.

landscape design_outdoor lighting_newmarket_york_gorgina_simcoe_43.HEIC

Located in Mount Albert, Ontario. This residential house used our landscape design service. The design transformed the whole look of the house and gave it a luxury look and stood it out from an average house to be an elegant icon in the neighbourhood. 


Located in Mount Albert, Ontario. This residential house needed to finish their basement to rent it out.

We've made the best space usage out of a small basement.

Please check the images and watch the transformation by clicking on the 'View Project' link.

View project
extension-house extension-york region-gta.jpg

Located in Mount Albert, Ontario. This residential house needed to add extension to their house. They needed a master bedroom including walk-in closet and ensuit on top of the garage as well as an extension to the living room with a walkout on the first floor.

Please check the images by clicking on the 'View Project' link.

View project
Image by Daniel McCullough


We are a professional team of architectures, designers, and engineers who help our community with design and legal documents within a wide range of property projects like new house design, renovation and alteration, remodelling and interior design, and landscape design in both residential and commercial fields.


Modern House
New House Design

Build your dream house

we design the one of a kind state-of-the-art house just for you which embraces you with comfort and beauty while respond to your needs.  


Drawings for permit with cost effective design ideas

We give you the cutting edge design to finish/legalize your basement or add a new garage.

Lakeside House
Interior Design

It's not just about the furniture

Turn your interiors into a state-of-the-art that reflect your unique taste and gives you an extraordinary comfort by the solutions we show you.

Blueprint Design
Construction Documents & Building Permit Application

The documents we give you will pass the requirement hassle-free

We are experienced and know the rules and requirements. We show you the way.

Remodelling, Extension

Move the walls, add new space, remove old space

We provide you with the best possible design solutions while remaining within the budget.

Designed Backyard
Lanscape Design

Turn your backyard into an oasis

And/or transform your average looking front yard into luxury and elegance that express the character of the owners.


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